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ROISS FOUNDATION aims to help NGOs and charities to raise funds and awareness of their organization through national and international campaigns. We work directly with charities, aid and relief NGOs and strategic partners to undertake together projects that are  priorities on the wish list of many organizations around the world but cannot be delivered due to the lack of financial resources, logistics or strategy.


From working with young people to unleash their potential in the UK, to health improvement projects in Wales, creating maternity units and hospitals in Uganda, Cambodia and Haiti, to educational centres and helping poor communities to be self sufficient in DR of Congo, Afghanistan, Philippines (and so on).


We are adamant to demonstrate that with drive and commitment it is possible to make a big difference to a deprived community whatever the obstacles and wherever it is located.






Once we partner with an organization,  together we assess and address the needs of each community. Then, we help our partners to implement their plans, while taking into consideration the technological, cultural, and environmental aspects of each project.



We are committed to turning ROISS Foundation into a unique organisation and build a better future for everyone.



For more information please visit (under development).

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