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Water is life and the quest for water is the quest for survival. The search for water in its best form and highest quality lead to the discovery of the aquifer after years and years of research and field work. The finest team of geologists, ably led by founder Alex Croft, explored the different continents of the world with the sole belief that somewhere on this planet existed the very dwelling place of Perfect Water.


The properties that would indicate that this perfect water - the aquifer, had been found included the surrounding soil content, mineral composition, geological age and even the country's history.  These defining features, amongst others would indicate that the right aquifer had been found….or not.


Two years down the line, the team’s search had gone way beyond the South of Chile across many nooks and crannies, until one day, while on an expedition in the Slovakian Mountains, an old age, almost mystical mountaineer approaches the team in the middle of nowhere and tells tales of ancient  legends.  Legends of an unusually distinct well; a well that existed hundreds of years ago and had the power to completely change the life of anyone who drank from it.  


Wow! There was no need to say more. The team immediately went in search of the whereabouts of this century’s old well as indicated by the elderly mountaineer. After days spent enduring some of the hardest terrains, fighting their way through dense and virgin vegetation, they arrived to the area where the ancient well was believed to be located. There was nothing! Nothing like was expected at all!


The team did not find any open source of water as they was expecting to find and yet they refuse to abandon the area without first trying  and finding out the properties of the terrain around them. Trying became prospecting and prospecting became drilling until eureka! An aquifer deep underneath the earth was reached.


There was no time to wait any more; it seemed like the search was finally over!  Water samples were taken immediately and sent to a Prague laboratory, which after exhaustive tests confirmed that the aquifer had been there for 27,000 years. The water met every requirement and expectation. It had the perfect combination of minerals and was completely pure and free of pollutants.


Today, the water is directly bottled at the source, via our sophisticated filler tanks to boreholes that minimise any negative impact to the environment. All batches are laboratory tested, in order to ensure that the water we are bottling today and every day, is extremely pure and has the same amazing properties that existed 27.000 years ago.


Thus the legend of the Perfect Water is true for us, a testimony that water is indeed life and that life has come to live beyond the confines of time. For the life of water is life forever.


Roiss Mineral Water and the whole team had always wanted to thank this figure that appeared in the shape of our mountaineer messenger, and although our constant presence in the area, and the efforts to locate him, we have never been able to get in touch with him again.


We hope that one day he finds out how many lives he has changed with the advise and directions he kindly gave to us.

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