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With 27,000 years of age, ROISS Mineral Water is the world’s oldest and one of the finest mineral water in the world. It is exceptional, because of its unique properties and its timeless purity.


Its natural 27,000* years filtration process introduces the mineral silica, which contributes to ROISS Mineral Water distinctly soft, smooth “mouthfeel”.


Air has never touched this water! This fact alone makes it uniquely pure, exceptionally fresh and uncontested clean.


It is protected from environmental pollutants and other contamination, until it is gathered and bottled.



ROISS Mineral Water is all about Purity! Timeless Purity

The mineral water comes from the bore Roiss LZ-6 at 187 meters below surface, situated in the Levočské Vrchy mountains, East  Slovakia, where carbonic mineral water is collected in Šambron beds consisting of massive sandstones and clay stones.


The bore crosses a fracture saturated with water belonging to Muráň fault with a yield at mouth Q = 15 l/s (Dr. J. Nemčok, Dr. M. Zakovič, 1993), where mineral waters are bound to an open hydro geological structure with confined underground water surface.


Today, ROISS is directly bottled at the source, via our sophisticated filler tanks to boreholes that minimise any negative impact to the environment.


All batches are laboratory tested, in order to ensure that the water we are bottling today and every day, is extremely pure and has the same amazing properties that existed 27.000 years ago.

Thanks to its perfect balance of minerals, Roiss Natural Mineral Water it is suitable for everyday drinking and for a healthy drinking regime of adults and children.

* The age of ROISS Mineral Water (27,000 years of age) was determined based on a radio-isotope analysis performed by the Charles University in Prague.